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About the Supremacies

Mar. 5th, 2007 | 06:26 pm

About the Supremacies:

Regius The eldest and most powerful of the Supremacies. She is what is left from the Old World. Although Regis is set in her ways, she is just and fair. She prefers to make changes over a long period of time. Often, she must force Equus and Ira to compromise and come to a mutual agreement before anything will be carried out. She is what we consider neutral and is seen wearing purple.
Ira Ira is the youngest of the Supremacies. She is rash and gets angered quickly when things do not go her way. She has no pity for those who have wronged the government. She believes that those who oppose the Supremacies rule should be punished in the most violent of ways. If she ruled, she would rid the court system. She is Patriotic to a fault and she favorites those who are loyal to her. She is seen wearing red. The Patriots slogan: poena dare- pay the penalty.
Equus Equus is often found walking through the city, observing the citizens. He tends to be the relaxed type, usually chatting and being friendly. Unlike his counterpart, Ira, he keeps his cool under harsh circumstances. Some say Equus is impartial and allows numerous second chances, sometimes even third and fourth chances. In his youth, he committed himself to the the small group of martyrs called "Liberum Tandem" (Unrestricted at last). Though he is not a leader, he keeps an eye open and agrees full heartedly with their growing tactics. They believe with Ira ruling beside Reguis, overthrowing Reguis is much of a challenge. Equus has much respect for his mentor, however, change has been slow, if at all. Liberum Tandem is ready for change, and Equus awaits for the time to come for it to happen.

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Reseved Characters

Mar. 5th, 2007 | 06:12 pm

Reserve a character here. Indicate the series which your character is from. You may reserve a character for one week. Two characters max. per reserve.

Reserved List

Fay D. Flourite: Tsubasa Chronicle- lovelessinma (March 26th)
Soubi: Loveless- dusk_eyed

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Mar. 1st, 2007 | 07:27 pm


The face behind the mask~Collapse )

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